Instant anti-dandruff shampoo that frees hair of dandruff up to100% after the very first wash. New triple action formula gets rid of dandruff, itching and redness.
Benefits of the new
Puroxine treatment

Puroxine enhanced performance anti-dandruff shampoo instantly eliminates visible dandruff deep down and prevents it forming again, thanks to the combined action of Piroctone olamine and a special exfoliating enzyme which normalise the microbial environment and prevent scaling.

It strengthens the scalp’s defences and gives instant relief to itching, thanks to its unique blend of active ingredients and essential oils: melaleuca, antibacterial and anti-fungal, lavender, toning, rosemary, antiseptic and stimulating.

The formula is enriched with allantoin and panthenol which have powerful hydrating, soothing and re-epithelizing properties and help restore normal conditions.

Puroxine enhanced performance anti-dandruff shampoo is recommended for all types of dandruff, even the most stubborn, and is ideal for daily use.