George Orwell was wrong!

We couldn’t be further from the static and conformist society he imagined, where there is no room for individuality. On the contrary, we are living in an era where tolerance and diversity are a successful and integral part of our lives.

Social fluidity and intercultural exchange, facilitated by growing digital interconnectivity, allow us all access to new paradigms of reference and the chance to create different ways of expressing ourselves.
A person’s style artistically develops their story, their culture, their actions and ambitions and their way of making their mark and engaging with others in an increasingly crowded cosmos.

The way we live our lives is expressed in the way we speak, dress, move and therefore also in the way we style our hair and beard, allowing our essence to relate with the outside world.

We call it education, taste, personality and in the end result, which is unique for every individual, we no longer see the links between the single elements of the whole which are called Style.

With its new Idol Man range, Medavita renews its commitment to developing personal style, offering men new and powerful tools for them to express themselves. The products meet men’s multiple needs, ranging from hair and scalp care and treatments to hair styling, colouring and beard care, combining hair protection, top-quality formulas, unbeatable performance and attention to the latest fashion and beauty trends – all with Medavita’s signature style.
BE YOURSELF, BE YOUR IDOL. That is our message, so every man can express his own personal Style, find harmony between his inner being and outer self, between substance and appearance, and tell his story freely to the world.