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Medavita Lightening range provides an exceptional highlighting power. The protective action is powered by the presence of Chamomile and Ireland red moss alga, with extraordinary soothing and conditioning properties.

Products Decolorante

  • Absolute blond powder

    Absolute blond powder

    Bleaching powder with Chamomile and Irish Moss No volatile cosmetic bleaching powder with lavender fragrance, elastic and manageable mix, lightens up to 6/7 tones.
  • Absolute blond paste

    Absolute blond paste

    100% no volatile cosmetic bleaching paste, neutral fragrance, creamy and malleable formula, lightens up to 6/7 tones. Ideal base colour: natural and coloured hair.
  • Absolute Blond
    Creative Powder

    Absolute Blond
    Creative Powder

    The new Luxviva Absolute Blond Creative Powder allows to vent your fantasy and renew your look, playing with special light-dark effects to give a touch of glam light to even the most dull hair!