Male anti-hair loss intensive treatment pH 3.5

Stimulant - Anti-bacterial - Soothing - Anti-oxidant - Stimulates the circulation - Revitalising - Eudermic - Purifying - Refreshing - Regenerative - Anti-free radical - Tonifying - Inhibits production of Dht and bonding with its cellular receptor


Stimulates new growth, strengthens the anchorage system of hair into its follicle and lengthens the hair’s lifespan. Enriched with Serenoa repens, a powerful inhibitor of 5alfa-reductase and of Testosterone transformation in Dihydrotestosterone, responsible for androgenetic alopecia and for related inflammations. The numerous plant extracts contained in the formula have a powerful antioxidant action and increase the blood flow in the capillary circulation, revitalising the hair bulb metabolism and keeping the scalp constantly dampened and moisturised. Enriched with Lotion Concentrée Naturalis Essentiae active ingredients pool.


Male anti-hair loss treatment*
(*coadjuvant in male hair loss prevention).


Intensive treatment coadjuvant in male hair loss prevention, for stronger, full-bodied hair and a more vital hair bulb which reacts to stimuli.


All man scalp types, especially atonic with slow capillary circulation.