Colour and shine *

Choice, a real beauty treatment for your hair. Choice is Care. Wellbeing. Beauty.

Colour and shine*.
Choice, a real
beauty treatment for your hair.
Choice is Care.
Wellbeing. Beauty.

Choice Glowing Shampoo and Glowing Mask are formulated for women who want unbeatable brilliance and shine* and who want to protect their hair, restoring its natural barrier and preventing dehydration.

Is your hair dull and lifeless?

Check out the new beauty ritual for your hair: Choice Glow.
– Glowing shampoo → nourishes the hair fibre and leaves it looking glossy
– Glowing mask → conditions hair deep down and leaves it looking glossy

The active ingredients

  • 1 Amino concentrée

    Properties: restructures the fibre, protects.

  • 2 Blueberry seed oil

    Properties: Nourishes and restructures hair. Reduces porosity. Restores shine
    and makes the cosmetic colour last longer.

  • 3 Panthenol

    Properties: Invigorates tired, dull-looking and weak hair, nourishing, hydrating and regenerating.

  • 4 Coconut oil

    Properties: Emollient, nourishing, glossy effect.

  • 5 Linseed oil

    Properties: With powerful nourishing properties, it has a revitalising action on hair and a draining effect on the scalp.

  • 6 Sacha Inchi oil

    Properties: An excellent natural antioxidant, it nourishes intensely, restructures and protects hair, preventing dehydration.

  • 7 Moringa oil

    Propriétés: Protects hair and leaves it looking glossy, restoring volume and vitality.

  • 8 Sweet cyperus oil

    Revitalises and nourishes but is non-greasy. It makes hair easy to comb, soft and shiny.

Products Choice

  • Choice Glowing Mask pH 5

    Choice Glowing Mask pH 5

    The carefully selected blend of conditioners smoothes the fibre without weighing it down, leaving hair feeling soft and silky. The exclusive oil complex, rich in natural antioxidants, gives the fibre unbeatable shine and nourishment, protecting hair.
  • Choice Glowing Shampoo

    Choice Glowing Shampoo

    Leave-in multi-active youth hair serum, elixir of everlasting juvenility for the hair. A unique serum that maintains full-body, tonic and elastic the hair fibre thanks to the lifter effect.