• Lotion Concentrée Homme Shave

    The first thing any man thinks about in the morning is his shave. Some like to wear a well-trimmed beard, while others prefer perfectly shaven skin. In either case, Medavita’s shaving line* is the perfect ally, thanks to the exclusive concentrate of active ingredients of plant origin it contains.

  • Lotion Concentrée

    It’s all about freedom of choice. Whether to give in to progressive thinning of the hair, or react right away. We have the means to do it, and it comes from nature: a blend of pure extracts of 10 plants of great vitality and power.

  • Puroxine

    There are different types of dandruff, and Puroxine fights them all with the same purifying power. The secret behind this anti-dandruff* treatment is the combined action of Myrrh, Piroctone olamine and Salicylic acid, which limit bacterial proliferation and scaling of the scalp and reduce the quantity of micro-organisms (Pytirosporum and Staphylococcus aureus) responsible for itching.

  • Velour

    Excessive sensitivity is something we need to learn to control. Velour is a calming and soothing* programme formulated to restore the skin’s natural equilibrium and alleviate irritation and reddening.

  • Cutis Pura

    Prepares the scalp, eliminating everything that could hinder the action of active ingredients before treatment. Cutis Pura is a detoxifying* pre-shampoo programme that purifies the scalp, removing accumulated cells and sebaceous plugs so the skin can breathe again.

  • Lotion Concentrée Homme

    A toolkit for every man who wants to fight hair loss energetically. A male anti-hair loss* programme that stimulates new growth, reinforces the anchorage of the hair and lengthens its lifespan thanks to a pool of active ingredients of plant origin.

  • Requilibre

    Method, regularity, determination. The equilibrium of the scalp is a goal to be conquered day by day with Requilibre, a sebum balancing* programme that gently but decisively dissolves excess sebum, soothes itching and leaves the scalp deeply purified. So the hair stays clean longer.

  • Hydrationique

    Even the most rebellious hair can be tamed. The best way is with a conditioning and moisturising* post-shampoo treatment: Hydrationique. Its outstanding conditioning, hydrating and nourishing properties beautify the hair shaft.

  • Nutrisubstance

    We are what we eat, and so is our hair. Properly nourished hair stands out right away. Nutrisubstance deep nourishes and hydrates the hair and protects it from the action of free radicals. It dissipates the signs of chemical and mechanical stress so that the hair looks healthy and shiny.

  • Solarich

    Dryness, microfractures, opacity. The sun can also damage the hair. Solarich is the specific Medavita sun* programme that protects the hair and restores what the sun exposure has impoverished.

  • Luxviva

    Hair colour is an investment to protect. Luxviva is a special colour protection* programme to help maintain the shine of freshly coloured hair, keeping colour bright, radiant and vibrant.

  • Curladdict

    Suppleness, softness, order and high definition: curly hair must be handled and valorised properly. Curladdict gives curly hair* great bounce and compacts scales. The antioxidant and revitalising properties of its active ingredients regenerate, reinforce and intensely moisturise the hair shaft.

  • Lissublime

    Straight hair: a radical choice that becomes sublime when it achieves perfection. The filmogenous, anti-frizz, structuring properties of the active ingredients it contains allow Lissublime to facilitate hold in straight hair styles, while strengthening and intensely moisturising the hair.

  • Hairchitecture

    Acts on the body and volume* of the hair as if constructing a building, starting at the roots and working up to the tips: the secret is balancing the level of moisture in the hair fibre to obtain voluminous roots and a full-bodied hair shaft. The hair enjoys restored substance, softness, combability, and vaporousness, all ultra-light.

  • ß-Refibre

    There’s something magical about reconstruction* of the hair fibre. ß-Refibre reconstructs, regenerates and reinforces the hair cuticle, while protecting the hair against damage caused by physiological processes (dehydration and ageing) and by chemical agents and environmental factors.



  • Genuine

    A strange, rather inhuman concept of beauty! But we think of beauty in terms of “with”, rather than “without”. A woman is beautiful with her differences, with her years, with all her flaws.
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  • Total sensorial involvement

    The vocabulary of Medavita products speaks directly to the emotional sphere as it is highly SENSORIAL, stimulating the “basic structure” of experience.
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  • Galenic

    Science in control of nature.
    With love. Every one of our products perfectly combines the galenical method with today’s scientific approach.
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  • Pharmaceutical

    Tested efficacy. Always!
    All our products must guarantee maximum efficacy right away, while also respecting the physiology of the skin and hair.
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