calming and soothing *

A mix to calm irritation and turn off inflammation. Sensitivity, under control.

Excessive sensitivity is something we need to learn to control. Velour is a calming and soothing* programme formulated to restore the skin’s natural equilibrium and alleviate irritation and reddening. The soothing, revitalising properties of the active ingredients of plant origin in the formula make it a precious resource specifically targeting sensitivity and irritation of the scalp.

Sensitiveness, itching and irritations?

Give back relief to the skin with the calming and soothing velour ritual, for sensitive and sensitised scalp.
Redness reduction: 90%*
Flaking reduction: 93%**
Itching reduction: 87%**


CUTIS PURA Hygienic scalp emulsion → Deeply purify and sanitise the scalp
VELOUR Soothing shampoo → Gently purify and soothe
HYDRATIONIQUE Ultra-conditioning hair emulsion → Hydrate and detangle without weighting down the hair
VELOUR Soothing lotion → 3 phials a week for 4 weeks


*Clinical test
**Self evaluation test

The active ingredients

  • 1 Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

    Properties: sedative, balsamic, analgesic, deodorant. Hydrates and tonifies, soothes and alleviates reddening, regenerating.

  • 2 Camomile (Matricaria chamomilla)

    Properties: Soothing, antiinflammatory, antioxidant. A medicinal plant traditionally taken internally to combat spasms and digestive problems, or applied externally to soothe.

  • 3 Wheat germ (Triticum vulgare)

    Properties: antioxidant, soothing, emollient, decongesting, re-epithelising, nourishing.

  • 4 Calendula (Calendula officinalis)

    Properties: antiinflammatory, antiseptic, cicatrising, dilates peripheral blood vessels, soothing, emollient, refreshing.

  • 5 Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

    Properties: antiflogistic, astringent, antiseptic, cicatrising, haemostatic.

  • 6 Linden (Tilia cordata)

    Properties: sedative, soothing, calming.

  • 7 Elderberry (Sambucus nigra)

    Properties: emollient, tonic, lightening and nourishing.

  • 8 Zanthalene (Zanthoxylum bungeanum)

    Properties: soothes itching, alleviates pain and reddening.

  • 9 Bisabolol (Chamomilla)

    Properties: soothing, anti-inflammatory, calming, alleviates reddening.

  • 10 Allantoin

    Properties: cellproliferant, antioxidant, hydrating, cheratoplastic, smoothing, soothing.

  • 11 ß-glucan

    Properties: stimulant, tonic, anti-inflammatory, protective, hydrating, nourishing.

  • 12 Biotin

    Properties: stimulant, tonic, restructuring, nourishing.

  • 13 Panthenol

    Properties: hydrating, emollient, soothing, alleviates itching, antiinflammatory, cell-proliferant, conditioning.

  • 14 Piroctone olamine

    Properties: antimicotic, antibacterial, antiinflammatory.

Products Velour

  • Soothing shampoo pH 5.5

    Soothing shampoo pH 5.5

    The action of Lavender and Wheat germ cleanses the scalp very gently, calming irritation and offering immediate relief, leaving the hair soft, combable and shiny.
  • Soothing scalp lotion pH 6

    Soothing scalp lotion pH 6

    An intensive treatment contributing elasticity and hydrating the scalp. Fights free radicals, neutralising the damage caused by UV radiation. The action of a rich pool of functional active ingredients (including Lavender and Calendula) facilitates cell turnover and restores balance to the skin’s lipidic metabolism.
  • Relaxing scalp lotion pH 4.5

    Relaxing scalp lotion pH 4.5

    The combined action of Zanthalene and Bisabolol ensures that this intensive treatment eliminates itch, discomfort and tension of the scalp. Immediate relief for all kinds of irritation of the scalp, an excellent emergency treatment for use before and after chemicals.